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Election Annoucement

APPNA Oklahoma Election/Nomination Committee consisting of eight members as formulated by APPNA Oklahoma Executive Committee has put forward nomination for officials for Appna Oklahoma for year 2023 as follows: 


President Elect - Dr. Rabeeya Nusrat

Treasurer- Dr. Bilal Malik Ahmad

General secretary- Dr. Khairuddin Memon


Current president Dr. Faisal Wasi will complete his second year of his term as president ending December 2023.


Current active members of APPNA Oklahoma in good standing may recommend other APPNA members in good standing for these positions to the nomination committee. 

Active members have to have membership for at least two years with APPNA Oklahoma for nomination. Central APPNA membership is not a requirement.

Nominations can be put forward in the next two weeks.

If no other nominations are put forward, current nominees will be confirmed. 

If other nominations are put forward, election will be held 30 days from this notice. 


President elect will assume presidentship of APPNA Oklahoma in January 2024 after the current term of the President APPNA Oklahoma expires.

Secretary, Treasurer terms will start for a two year period starting January 1, 2023.


The Executive Committee has been informed and has approved of these nominees.


For any questions or inquiries, please contact chairman APPNA nomination committee Dr. Asim Chohan. 


This posting is being updated by the Executive Committee on the APPNA Oklahoma website.


Members of the nomination committee are as follows:

1. Dr Asim Chohan

2. Dr Iftikhar Hussain

3. Dr Sumbal Nabi

4. Dr Iftikhar Rizvi

5. Dr Salman Zubair

6. Dr Ahmad Ashfaq

7. Dr Irfan Kundi

8. Dr Naziha Malik


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Election Announcement

APPNA Oklahoma Chapter
2022 Membership Drive

Dear Members,

The APPNA Oklahoma Chapter 2022 membership drive is underway. 

To register, please click on the MEMBERS tab and then click on JOIN APPNA OKLAHOMA. Kindly register yourself and pay your membership dues at your earliest convenience. Lifetime membership is $250 and Annual membership is $25 from Jan 1 - Dec 31 each year.


Payment can be made through Zelle on


Thank you, 

The Executive Committee.

Membership Drive

APPNA - Oklahoma

We encourage our members to join!

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