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APPNA OK Membership Requirements

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Active Members

  • Active membership in the Chapter shall be open to anyone who has graduated from a recognized medical, osteopathic or dental school in Pakistan or anyone of Pakistani descent who has graduated from a recognized medical, osteopathic or dental school anywhere in the world. 

  • To be eligible for active membership in the Chapter, a physician must hold an active license in North America and or be involved on a full time basis in Academics, Medical Research or management in any field of Health Care in North America. He/She shall comply with all the provisions of his/her professional society and this Organization.

  • Active members shall be either annual dues paying or Lifetime members residing in Oklahoma and contiguous states. 

  • Any active member of the Chapter on payment of ten (10) years of current annual dues in one lump sum or in installments, making full payment within one year may apply for Lifetime membership in the Chapter.

  • Physicians in training may become active members after paying dues as determined by the Executive Council. 

  • Candidates for Physicians-in-Training membership shall provide written proof of being in an approved training program in North America. 

  • They shall have all privileges as active membership. 

Active Members

Associate Members

  • The Chapter may elect to give Associate membership to persons of Pakistani descent who have graduated from recognized medical, osteopathic, or dental school anywhere in the world but who are not engaged in a full-time pursuit of activities that would make them eligible for Active Membership.

  • Associate Members may include persons engaged in human sciences and health care services or education on a part-time basis, or may include persons who are awaiting Residency or Fellowship placement. Associate Members must be residing in Oklahoma or its contiguous states. 

  • Associate members may serve on committees or task forces of the chapter and participate in all of its activities. 

  • They shall not have the right to vote or hold any office in the organization 

  • The Dues of the Associate members shall be equal to 20% of annual dues.

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Associate Members
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Honorary Members

  • The Chapter may elect as an Honorary Member any person including non-physicians or physician of Non Pakistani descent, distinguished for services or attainments in medicine or the allied sciences, or who has rendered other services of unusual value to the Chapter or humanity. Honorary Members shall be dues exempt, shall have no vote, and shall hold no office. They may, however, be appointed as members of board, committees or task forces, etc.

Honorary Members

APPNA - Oklahoma

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