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President's Message

Dear colleagues and APPNA family

I am honored and proud to be your President, APPNA Oklahoma Chapter 2022-23.

I want to congratulate Dr Muzaffar Saleemi on finishing a very successful term as an APPNA OK president. Dr saleemi showed us exceptional leadership skills and helped our chapter towards greater success.

Oklahoma is a vibrant community and our chapter comprises of more than 200 members and supporters. 

As I am entering my role of presidency I noticed that our chapter and the EC at large has never been more relevant and important for those of us practicing in Oklahoma and across the nation. I have come to think of the APPNA network as one very large, best in class team that provides abundant opportunities to learn, teach, mentor and advocate at the same time. APPNA Oklahoma won the Best Chapter Award for 2022, a well deserved award for our energetic and unified physicians and their families.

We will continue our collaborative efforts to achieve more milestones.


Faisal Wasi, MD

President, APPNA Oklahoma Chapter 


Faisal Wasi, MD
President, APPNA Oklahoma Chapter

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